Adding an Angular Gauge

For this exercise I will be adding an angular gauge using a new empty dashboard panel, like the ones we created in previous tutorials.

Adding an Angular Gauge GIF

1) Go to the empty dashboard panel, and click “Add Widget”.

2) In the Add Widget dialog screen give the widget a name and icon.

3) With a new widget named, and in place, it is time to add content to your widget. Click “Add Content to this Widget”.

4) Select the type of gauge you’d like from the menu on the left. So for this example, choose Create a Gauge > Angular Gauge.

5) Your gauge is now in place, but you can’t see it yet, since it has no data to display. So, to give it something to display, we’ll have to click “+ Gauge Parameters”.

6) Go through the table to a tag or data point you’d like to see displayed on this angular gauge.

7) The gauge can automatically resize itself to fit nearly any range. So based on the max is for this gauge, set a capacity for the gauge. If you’d like to modify the color, that is done here too.

8) To apply your changes hit update and the gauge should take on those properties. When everything looks correct, click ” Save Widget ” in the upper right.

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