More About Plowtech

Plow Technologies is an industry leader in end-to-end industrial automation solutions with a unique blend of hands-on field experience and state-of-the-art software development. Our automation technicians have decades of experience in the rugged conditions of oil fields across the nation and know the details of the equipment we integrate by heart. We expect our software development team to be leaders in their field as well. We employ a staff of full time developers from around the world with an obsession to make our applications the best in the industry. Our cloud based SCADA and HMI software, OnPing, was completely made in-house and is further perfected on a daily basis. The service and support we offer reflects these qualities very well. Fully knowing the pressures and importance of your site and your data, we are available to your team around the clock, every single day of the year. We strive to offer the absolute highest quality support to get you the most uptime, efficiency and profit possible, while making your life easier.

Plow designs, fabricates, installs, troubleshoots and upgrades full automation systems (SCADA, DCS). We also design, fabricate, program and upgrade key components of your existing control systems, including RTUs (remote terminal units), PLCs (programmable logic controllers), VSDs (variable speed drives), and many other technologies. With our unique blend of hands-on field service and ground up software development we have the entire process of automation in view. We have expert knowledge of the hardware, networks and software required to communicate your data in the most effective ways.

Plow Technologies is based in Oklahoma City, the heart of the Mid-continent oil field. We have many years of experience serving oil and gas companies throughout the U.S. and around the world. Plow serves enterprises of any industry that seek automation, modernization and greater control over operations. Plow is an ideal fit for companies in the natural gas, electricity, water, waste treatment, and transportation industries.

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