Enable 2-Factor Authentication for OnPing

Two-Factor Authentication in OnPing

Enable 2FA

Recently, several customers have contacted us regarding two-factor authentication (2FA) for more secure user logins. OnPing is happy to offer 2FA for all users upon request. Simply contact your customer support representative to have the feature enabled for your team.


OnPing’s 2FA harnesses the stability of established, robust, industry standard 3rd party 2FA platforms to ensure a genuine unique key for logging in. As such,  a Google Auth or Authy download and installation is required to generate a key for the login feature. 

Some smart phone software have 2FA functions built in making the transition easier for some users. OnPing staff will be available to navigate any technical questions or difficulties as they arise. Always feel free to contact an OnPing technical representative when introducing new hardware or software to your data environment.

Why 2FA

2FA is standard practice for technology in industrial security policies. Authenticating users helps further mitigate risk associated with logins and passwords. Many of the things that make data great for industry are the same reasons you would want to protect access to data. Use 2FA to reduce unauthorized access to information that can be caused by common human errors – such as poor password management or lost devices. 

Adding a layer of complexity at the login level can make a big difference to the integrity of your technology infrastructure. According to the research from Telesign , 54% of online users rotate through 5 passwords during their lifetime. Passwords are an extremely common channel for attack. The U.S. government recommends 2FA (also called multi-factor authentication) as a simple action that small and big businesses alike can integrate into the natural course of online operations to mitigate risks of online attack. 

2FA is one Piece of the Whole

2FA is not a substitute for sound security practices. It is supplementary! OnPing highly recommends setting up 2FA for your whole organization as part of a broader, overall security policy.  It is our pleasure to help ensure OnPing remains a secure and safe platform for your facilities, data and team members. 


Part of OnPing’s responsibility as an industrial automation platform is being aware of and prepared to react to the needs of our customers. 2FA is just one component of that! Reach out to us about any of your needs to see what OnPing has to offer. We are here to make data better for you. 

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Contact your OnPing customer representative to find out how to set up your 2FA configuration today!