Bringing intelligence, computing power and industry leading remote capabilities to factory floors, mobile rigs, remote locations, or just quite seriously anywhere else. There is literally nothing like the Lumberjack System.

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A New Way to Manage Industrial Data and Digital Tools

The Lumberjack Application System (LAS) along with the Lumberjack edge computing device form a system that can provide answers to a lot of common challenges in modern industrial process automation and industrial data management.

Things like:

  • Remote Device Maintenence and driver deployment
  • Data Homogenization and Continuity
  • Batch Firmware control and deployment
  • Local Scripting and Calculations
  • Interdevice Communication


The Lumberjack Application System or LAS was developed as a software system to be installed on a variety of types of industrial computing hardware. It can run effectively on things as small as micro ARM devices with great effectiveness and low costs, or all the way to high spec rack mounted server systems. The hardware can be chosen to fit the unique application of the situation, while the important thing, the software of LAS and it’s cloud partner OnPing, remains the same. In many cases meaning that a mix of device types share a common configuration environment.

Continuous Improvement

Another huge advantage to a Lumberjack system is continuous updates to firmware, communications protocols, applications and other tools with no update purchase required and without having to change hardware. While it is impossible to know what the future will bring, the team at Plow Technologies keeps the LAS software evergreen with the latest in tools and abilities.

Order Your Own Lumberjack and Get Started

No better way to get started learning all the ways LAS can work for your specific applications than ordering an ARM Lumberjack kit to set up a pilot, expirament or a fully functional system.

The initial purchase includes $50 in OnPing service to set up a fully functional automation system right out of the box.

Starting at $399

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