Lumberjack Edge Computer

Lumberjack OnPing Edge Computer

The Lumberjack is OnPing’s primary weapon in the defense of your data. Many other hosted SCADA platforms have had problems in reliability and data loss because they are based around a system that relies on a remote server, polling field devices for data at regular intervals. Poor network connections or other variables can cause this information to be lost in transit, producing holes in critical data, missed alarms and other costly errors. The OnPing Lumberjack avoids all of this by acting as a micro server on site. The Lumberjack sits on your site, polling all field devices on a local network, archiving, and storing all the results and passing them to our remote servers. This means that even in the temporary absence of a network connection, the Lumberjack proceeds as always, picking up where it left off as soon as a connection is re-established. This combined with advanced networking techniques and OnPing’s unique software design create one of the most reliable data streams in the industry. With OnPing and Lumberjack your data is never in question.


  • 24 Hour Data Logging
  • Large Storage for Data Points
  • Automatic Data Archiving
  • Customizable Options for Future Expansion
  • Wide Range of Available Protocols
  • Rugged Aluminum Enclosure