Feature Updates: HMI/Data Analysis/Masking

Quality First

We often discuss features as an introduction. It’s easy and fun to talk about the new shiny thing. However, our belief is the ‘value add’ propostion for features should reach beyond feature launch. Today, we want to highlight a few recent feature upgrades that have taken place recently.

Improved Features

The features most impacted by recent updates are:

  • HMI
  • Data Analysis
  • Masking



In mid-September, we began rolling out an update for the HMI display rendering mechanism. The previous iteration could be clunky at times, rendering graphics more slowly than expected and occasionally warping images. Many Users will now see a large quality of life improvement when viewing Panel containing HMI. 

The OnPing Dashboarding system is intended to give Users access to the information they need when they need it. HMIs are one of the most popular features across all platform Users, but we felt the performance needed to catch up to the clear usefulness of the tool. HMIs will now render more quickly on average for a majority of Users. 

Graphic Integrity

Aside from speed, HMI has also received improvements to general graphic display on Panels. Aspect ratios are better maintained with the new rendering engine, so there will be fewer instances of pages loading with HMI graphics out of place. 

In general, any interaction Users have with HMIs that requires changing the way a page looks in the browser should now feel much more natural. This was a big deal internally as well, so we are just as happy about the changes as many of our userbase will be!


Improvements have also been made to how text appears within HMI. Text should now be more readable and appear more crisply in displays.

Data Analysis

The Data Analysis page also loads more quickly than before. Similar to HMI, Data Analysis is a popular and useful tool for OnPing Users. Our focus was on making the tool feel more natural and responsive. Data Analysis graphs now load more quickly than before, overall graph performance has been upgraded, and zooming in or out of a graph in Data Analysis will feel more natural than it has in the past.


Masks are used in various places throughout the platform, but Users operating with many masks faced an uphill climb. We’ve greatly improved Users’ ability to utilize the feature en masse – more masks can now be operated simultaneously than before with greater ease.


We are excited to offer our Users an improved experience some of the most common and powerful tools in OnPing. Continual Improvement is important to the OnPing team. HMI, Data Analysis, and Masks are the most recent features to receive signifant updates – but they are neither the first nor last that will. Let us know your thoughts about which features could use an update in the future. Your feedback is essential to providing the best experience possible for OnPing.