New OnPing Features Provide More Flexibility

It’s been a big year for our OnPing SCADA software. New features like HMI, downhole cards, and dual level tanks are making OnPing more and more powerful. Beyond these powerful tools, your OnPing screens are more customizable than ever and present a multitude of options to make your experience exactly the way you want it.

The advanced HMI function can be added to any existing dashboard in minutes and can provide everything from buttons and set point controls, to visual tanks and process visualization. Your HMI can be easily edited via a drag and drop application in just minutes. There are a multitude of full color graphic elements as well as buttons, meters and an image container for custom graphics. Virtually anything you can imagine can be made in this very powerful graphic interface.

Another big feature added to OnPing recently is dual level tank gauges. OnPing now has the ability to harness the power of dual level guided wave tank radar systems to show highly accurate levels of both oil and water in the same tank on an up to the minute basis. This removes a huge amount of the guess work in tank battery systems and provides the quickest method possible to quickly assess levels on the fly.

We continue to improve our advanced pump off and artificial lift systems through OnPing. In addition to already powerful optimization tools and visual interfaces via OnPing’s HMI system, our powerful pump off control application also now features full function visual down hole cards, for nuanced insights on your pumps function. This feature can be accessed for every pump in your field from one central location, and from any device.

The coming months will add even more to OnPing’s tool kit including virtual parameters to allow for even more detailed reporting, tracking and control. We will be making improvements to many of the applications within OnPing as well as subtle updates to a lot of visual elements to continue to improve efficiency and reduce load times.

For any info involving these features or to request any others, feel free to contact us at or visit for walk-throughs, tutorials, or to create a ticket.