Introducing: OnPing Event Table

Some of the most important events in your operation are rare or unexpected. Most of the tools in OnPing have been created to address periodic data, the current status of a device or a measurement, variations and trends over time, all consistent in their measurement. A tool is needed however, to capture snapshots of a-periodic events such as setpoint changes, system failures, and max values reached in random data that can be critical to an operation, to better understand them

OnPing’s new Event Table widget has been created with this exact mission in mind. With minimal set up, a table can be automatically generated that displays the most recent events for a facility or piece of equipment. A parameter is chosen to ‘trigger’ an event notation. This can be a failure sensor or a parameter that may on rare occasions, achieve massively higher or lower results. Once an event notation is triggered, the parameters added to additional columns will poll their results to capture a complete snapshot of conditions at the time of the event. Range can be set for the table to hold a set number of last events in the table for future reference.

While this table is a very useful tool in and of itself, the ability to cross reference this with OnPing’s trending graphs and other historical data in a central location can create a very powerful investigation platform for troubleshooting problems in equipment or process. Event table reacts as quickly as the rest of OnPing’s data collection ensuring that there is a precise link between real operational status and the event itself.  This widget can be added to any panel in OnPing by any user in OnPing. We are excited to see them become implemented in more user dashboards and are eager to see the kinds of issues addressed by Event Tables that we never considered.