Better Networks with Lumberjack Remote

Lumberjack remote is using our powerful Lumberjack Application system and Edge Computers to solve complicated networking issues easily..

Configurable within OnPing, the Lumberjack remote application allows for operators to custom configure tags on multiple Lumberjacks and multiple locations to communicate to each other. This has a lot of far reaching, real world applications both in terms of communications between locations and devices as well as batch control operations.

As an example, a water treatment system client of ours had several pump stations spread out across a town with a very hilly terrain. The usual solution to this problem would be for the municipality to commission a terrain and path study and spend a lot of money on costly radios to link the stations together. This would have meant a considerable amount of CapEx as well as time for planning and actual installation. Located within range of a small municipality, these sites did have relatively easy access to wireless, cellular internet service, so we were able to avoid all of that with OnPing. Using OnPing and Lumberjack remote, we set up a network where each site connected directly to the internet (a connection we’d have to establish anyway for basic operation) and through on site installed Lumberjacks and OnPing, each site could communicate in both directions. This allowed for a fully integrated and reliable communications and control network for a fraction of the cost.

Another great example of how Lumberjack Remote is being used is a request we’ve had from oil and gas operators over the years.

Allowing them to go to one place and close multiple wells simultaneously and pause production for an entire field. This operation had typically meant going site by site and shutting in each one from OnPing manually. Lumberjack remote with our Virtual and Control Parameter functions allowed us to create a batch control function, giving the operator one master shut in control. Shutins can now be handled across hardware and with appropriate safeties for an entire operation.

The possibilities for Lumberjack Remote are still being discovered. We’re very excited as always to hear your special requests or seemingly unsolvable problems. This is yet another tool in the OnPing arsenal and we’re very excited to put it to work for you today. Contact your OnPing representative for more info.