All New OnPing Local HMI

OnPing has long been a platform that bridges the best aspects of on-site systems with the mobility and flexibility of a cloud-based software as a service solution. The increased power of our Lumberjack Application system and edge computers both in terms of software and available processing and memory has enabled us to bridge these technologies even more to achieve amazing new things for our customers.

Our HMI’s can now be fully local to the site they’re installed on. HMI’s can be created and configured in OnPing and then sent to a configured Lumberjack on-site to be displayed and controlled via an installed touch screen panel (or other display type) at your site. Set points, controls, and up to the minute data are all available direct on site, but also still viewable and editable from any device with OnPing.

The Lumberjack and OnPing allow for very flexible installations. Our integrator, Plow Technologies, or other partnering integrators can choose hardware around your specific site needs and devise a system that works perfectly for your application.

While designing local HMI we also created a new messaging and alert system available both on site and remotely. Operators can create custom alerts dependent on conditions that pop up on screen and can be cleared manually once the condition has been acknowledged. This offers a way to get important information to operators in the field or at the office without the disruption of a full alarm.

Local HMI is live now and can be added to any OnPing location with no extra data charges. Contact your OnPing representative for information on availability and pricing.