New OnPing Features Making Life Easier for our Users

As always, we’ve been making a lot of improvements to the way OnPing works for our users and the first half of this year has brought some long-requested changes.

HMI Search

OnPing’s HMI is a very powerful application all on its own. As HMI has grown and received more updates it has become a larger and larger part of many OnPing users work-flow. As they have grown in importance, many users have started to ask for an easier way to access the HMI screens, without having to navigate through multiple dashboards and panels.

The solution came in the form of search. We’ve rebuilt OnPing search to provide a way to fully search, filter, browse and interact with HMI screens in one central place. Simply search for a site name, panel name etc in the search bar and expand the line item to see and use the full HMI screen. You can also, of course, click links from here to view the screen in the dashboard or link to a full screen view. This new search feature enables the viewing of several HMI screens at a time in one convenient, easy to scroll list, any time you want.

Virtual Parameters continue to get better

Some of the biggest improvements to overall work flow are the ones in the background. We’ve made major changes to the way Virtual Parameters operate in OnPing this year. The code has been made substantially more efficient and the only noticeable change for the user is that the speed has been dramatically improved. VP’s are loading faster and making their calculations faster than ever, making one of OnPing’s most unique and powerful tools even better.

Alarm Improvements

We have a phone number! We’ve had issues in the past with our alarms being flagged as spam from various cell service providers and we are happy to report it has been solved. OnPing alarms now have a dedicated phone number so they will come in as normal calls or text messages. We’ve also considerably improved our text message alarms to increase the message length, making sure important alarm messages don’t get cut off. This should make the messages far more helpful and easier to understand.

Scout FDC Integration

Scout FDC has become a popular standard for field data capture with oil and gas companies across the country. Scout’s abilities to harness field and production data for valuable management insight compliments our mission at OnPing very nicely. We’ve been asked by many clients over the years to make the process of getting data collected by OnPing in to Scout much easier.

We’ve just completed the Scout Integration tool in OnPing to enable OnPing users to configure automatic transfer of data to Scout. Any user with access to both systems can easily configure it, or even export a csv template to fill out in Excel. Once completed the two systems function seamlessly together, automatically sending vital production data to Scout’s servers.

For more info on any of these features, please contact your OnPing representative, we’ll be happy to help.