A New Look and Feel for Virtual Parameter Creation

We are happy to announce a huge overhaul of our already robust OnPing Virtual Parameter Creator. Virtual Parameters have become an essential tool for our users. Virtual Parameters have created more accurate alarms and a vast array of custom calculated data points to answer very unique questions for operators.

One of our favorite new trends in OnPing is the growing number of data savvy users choosing to create virtual parameters of their own. We wanted to produce a creation platform that people familiar with coding and constructing scripts could produce custom data points on the fly to quickly answer very complex questions. This major update develops on that by making Virtual Parameter Creator an even clearer, easier to use interface with a text editor panel that makes an experienced coder feel comfortable to really work.

This new interface may look quite simple at first glance but virtually every part of it has been updated with clarity and ease of use in mind. The most immediately noticeable update is the adjustable text editor window. It allows the editor window to expand to full screen width and makes all of the side menus collapsible. This creates a huge, easy to view editor panel with plenty of space to view larger complex scripts quickly with the least amount of scrolling possible. All of the same functionality is there but we’ve made the interaction much better. The notifications are clearer and we’ve added features like breadcrumbs on parameters to make every aspect of parameter creation more clear.

You can get to the virtual parameter creator by visiting https://onping.plowtech.net/#/virtual-parameter

Contact us at info@plowtech.net for more information about Virtual Parameters and help creating them.