OnPing Automation – 2021 in Review

2021 is over, 2022 has arrived, and it’s been an exciting year with OnPing. Sometimes, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in what we are working on now and forget about the journey we took to get here. With this in mind, we wanted to step back and review what 2021looked like for OnPing and hopefully use the past to get a better idea of what this platform will look like in the future.

OnPing Industrial Automation Platform (IAP)

This year, we took a hard look at the ontology of OnPing. We looked inwards and discovered we had grown beyond describing the service as SCADA. OnPing is an Automation Platform that includes hosted-SCADA as an offering, but we are not limited to discussing OnPing solely as a hosted-SCADA solution.

What is it?

As an Automation Platform, we employ tools to serve the entire scope of modern automation. Some of these tools are:

  • Application Deployment
  • Backup Management
  • Code Deployment
  • Search
  • Device Networking
Explore our Automation Platform long form interview here. 

Our customers have varying automation needs. The OnPing platform brings together the elements of modern automation systems to create adaptive solutions each of these needs. OnPing is designed with unique use cases in mind – your problems deserve thoughtful, case specific solutions. Our low code environment facilitates effective communications and tools provide the intelligence necessary to make better data management decisions.

OnPing is an automation sandbox, limited only by the ingenuity of the user and their desire to find a solution.

We want to provide a place with the best possible tools available so OnPing users may be encouraged to take on any new challenge with confidence in their automation resources.

New Features in 2021

  • Event Table: One of the most used features in the platform, Event Table has been a huge success.
  • Event Accessibility: Asynchronous events are more easily utilized reporting and notification.
    • Twilio Integration: Twilio automated communications can be linked with OnPing events
  • OPC – UA Driver: For users looking to leverage existing house technologies, such as Ignition, to enrich data operations.
  • Event Table Spot Report: OnPing spot reporting was integrated with the Event Table feature
  • Bar Graph: Easy to read bar graphs to improve data visualization within OnPing
  • MQTT JSON: This feature enabled OnPing users to integrate better communications into automation efforts
  • Sparkplug Reader: The Sparkplug Reader greatly improved the MQTT experience in OnPing.

2021 Feature Improvements

  • Better Auditing
  • New Dashboard edits
  • Better ‘Search’ results
  • Realtime HMI improvements
  • Mass Writes historical
  • Report Creator preview mode
  • Serial Support in Micrologix
  • Event based data pull
  • Overhauled line graph interface
  • Big improvements to HMI Local experience
  • Flowback Mode

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We say this a lot, but OnPing is a continuously evolving service. Improvements occur regularly, often without the pomp and circumstance they are due. We are happy with the improvements that have been made this year to improve the user experience. At OnPing, we are committed to creating an easy-to-use, universal industrial for every device, protocol, and industrial market. To meet this commitment, OnPing must – and will – continue to grow as a platform.

This year has seen many improvements: From device communication management system improvement, to better visualization tools, to enhanced reporting features, to easier management of event based data – OnPing is a different place than it was a year ago.

We will do our best to ensure our commitment to growth in 2022 remains as powerful as it was in 2021.

Thank You

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Contact us at info@onping.net if you have any questions or comments about 2021’s improvements in your automation experience.

We’ll see you all in 2022 and beyond.