OnPing News in 60 Sec – March 2023

Welcome back to the abbreviated peek at what has happened in OnPing recently!

Behind the Curtain

Most of the last few months has been spent doing big work to the way OnPing is made. Most of it isn’t noticeable to users day to day but it has made big advances in how quickly and effectively our development staff can deploy new features, fixes and improvements. There may be some subtle improvements to performance but overall we are just very excited to have a refreshed set of development tools and get back to working on new features.


Documentation is a sort of never ending project for an industrial software company. We have made big progress in some of the most important places in the first quarter of this year. Step by step overviews of all of our OnPing device driver pages have been published (you can read them here in the ‘Controllers’ section).

We have also made big progress in having an overview for all major features. We now have an overview for almost all dashboard widgets, Maps, Line Graph, Data Analysis, Reporting, Bar Graphs, and many more ( they can be found here under ‘Feature Manuals’ ).

Of course many of these guides are also available at our YouTube channel @OnPing

Feature Improvements

While there haven’t been a lot of big features added in the last few months our team has been working to improve many of our drivers and data integration systems to make them more user friendly, effective and reliable. As always we want all of our users to consider OnPing a good place for all of their industrial data to live so please let us know about any system’s data you’d like to see brought in.

Along these lines a major update has been to the Weathorford WellPilot driver. As usual we continue to develop this driver for it to be as seamless as possible. This was made even better recently by the update that allows us to perform writes. If you are using WellPilot pump controllers and OnPing please contact us about how to get more data and articulate control integrated in to your OnPing environment.

Upcoming Goals

We have a LOT coming. There are so many things we’d love to share that are exciting it’s hard to keep us quiet about them, but alas we’d rather just show you and let you use it all. There are big things coming in driver and hardware integration that will take hardware optimization, visualization and performance monitoring in new bold directions.

Our scripting platform, Inferno, is going through such big developments that it opens up possibilities we’ve only been able to dream about in the past. We are also taking on big central concepts in OnPing to change the way you think about your data and its relation to people and time.

It all sounds big and dreamy and ambitious, but that is exactly what we aspire to with our products and our customers. We want to provide a platform to make anything you can imagine with your enterprises data and operational intelligence to be possible. It’s a big job, and we love big complicated jobs.

Sign Off

Thanks for checking out our mini-review! As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to share what has been going on in the world of OnPing. Send us your thoughts and ideas about future improvements you would like to see at our Support email: info@onping.net.