OnPing News in 60 Sec – May 2023

Welcome back to the abbreviated peek at what has happened in OnPing recently!

Inferno Virtual Parameters are Live!

Our new scripting language, Inferno, has been perhaps our most ambitious project to date but also the new feature with the most promise of new things to come. The ability to create OnPing Virtual Parameters using Inferno is now live and has already become a favorite of many of our most scripting enthused users. We are adding documentation and instructional content for Inferno constantly and we are excited to show you the difference it can make for you.

Single Sign On is Live

You can now use your Google or Microsoft account to login quickly to OnPing. This brings an added layer of security and authentication, but also makes it for many users easier than ever to login. If you have any other questions or concerns about this please feel free to contact your customer service rep.

Pump Off Controller Drivers

We have recently expanded driver support for several Pump Off Controller brands. OnPing can now speak with Panhandle, Weathorford WellPilot, Lufkin, Unico and Spoc Pump Off Controllers and we are working to further this integration and expand capabilities and card visualization.

Lumberjack Deploy Improvements

We just finished a major rewrite for our Lumberjack Application Deployment System. The new version has improved download stability very substantially and has gained the ability to throttle speeds to adjust for bandwidth.

Upcoming Goals

We have a LOT coming. We are working on a new way to view large amounts of data and also ways of making it to relate to other things in OnPing. We are advancing Inferno to be more and more functional in the OnPing environment and to be used for more interactions and calculations. We have more drivers, more integrations, and more improvements every week. We are exuberant for the future and will be sharing everything we can as fast as we can.

Sign Off

Thanks for checking out our mini-review! As always, we are grateful for the opportunity to share what has been going on in the world of OnPing. Send us your thoughts and ideas about future improvements you would like to see at our Support email: info@onping.net.