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Make OnPing Your Perfect Partner

OnPing is an integrator-friendly automation platform built for developing solutions to industrial problems. The integrated Cloud / Edge infrastructure of OnPing brings solution accessibility and reliability to the forefront of the integrator-consumer relationship, so integrators can be more flexible and responsive to customer needs without compromising job quality.

    The OnPing platform combines cloud-exlusive features – such as LAS over-the-air application deployment and updates – with the powerful Lumberjack edge computing system to give our integration partners an advantage over competitors in the automation space.

    Simplify customer management with an easy-to-use Dashboard system. Features like import/export greatly reduce time spent designing, implementing and replicating effective systems architecture so OnPing Integrators can focus more on building better solutions and less on logistics.

    We have been especially successful in:

    • Oil and Gas production Monitoring
    • Water Treatment Systems
    • Waste Water Systems
    • Lift Station and Water well telemetry
    • Salt Water Disposals
    • Milling and Grain Systems