Introducing: The OnPing Portable Field Data Recorder


We have just finished building a portable field data recorder, using a Lumberjack as the local data gathering device and OnPing as the storage base.

One of our frequent requests it so collect data for set periods of time at a location to assist with troubleshooting or the identification of troubles. Our new Portable Field Data Recorder was created to address exactly this. This small, self-contained device can be installed at a site and left to sit and record high frequency polled data for several days. After the monitoring time has passed a technician can retrieve the box, connect it to data service and the data collected can be uploaded to OnPing for analysis. This means sites where permanent automation might not make sense can still benefit from monitoring.

The Portable Field Data Recorder has very simple power requirements and can be interacted with from any mobile device or computer able to sign on to a wireless network. You can purchase these boxes, to be owned by your enterprise and deployed as needed to any sites needed or we can rent them to you on a as-needed basis. Either way the data charges are a minimal addition to your OnPing bill and the data is added to your overall historical data archive so that all of your site data can be viewed together in context.

This device also shows how users can develop applications on top of the Lumberjack and OnPing.

Contact us today for more information about how to put a Portable Field Data Recorder to work for you.