Source Labeling is Live

Internet Source Labeling is Live in OnPing

One challenge in managing large distributed systems with complex networks and many devices is remembering where the internet is coming from. OnPing users can now track internet sources for each Lumberjack connected device through the OnPing portal. Network coverage can vary greatly depending on location, but this information is a critical part of making reliable, actionable diagnostics. Source identification enhances your troubleshooting process so that you can resume normal operations more quickly after experiencing technical difficulties. 

Low-code Labels

Beyond organizing and tracking Source information, Source Labeling enables customized Location names. Users can rename devices with Natural language instead of  being stuck with a difficult to remember IP address or other series of numbers . Better naming practices encourage newer users or users with less tech experience to engage more often with improving automation processes.  Low-code labeling conventions, facilitated by tools like  Source Labeling  and other OnPing widgets,  enable more people in the organization to understand, use, and improve the overall information ecosystem. 

Available through LAS

Source Labeling is available for all Lumberjack devices and found in the newly released Lumberjack Application System (LAS). For LAS users, accessing Internet Source information is as simple as navigating to the summary page of the desired location. 

Contact your OnPing representative for information regarding Internet Source Labeling or getting started with LAS to see how you can start simplifying your network. We are happy to help get you started with this new feature, and excited to see our customers leverage Source Labeling to improve  automation system designs. 

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