Plow and Onping Team up With Scout for a New Tickets Kiosk and Total SWD Automation

Plow Technologies and OnPing Hosted SCADA / HMI are very pleased to announce that thanks to a new joint project with Scout FDC we have completed the final piece to provide complete SWD automation systems for remote disposal or reclamation sites.

With our new Kiosk Ticketing system your remote disposal sites can have detailed automatic tickets complete with driver logins and pump and lane management 24 hours a day even with no one on site. The kiosk system provides information about driver activity and load amounts while also communicating with OnPing to operate pumps at peak efficiency and ensure only the minimum amount of run time for what is needed.

A remote disposal automation system can be customized around your organizations specific needs. Everything from video surveillance and gate control all the way to highly reliable tank monitoring and custom design drive systems for your pumps. We have the specialized experience needed to make your disposal site operate at peak efficiency while minimizing man hours and needless wear on expensive equipment.

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