Automated SWD Tickets

Many of the major challenges in automating a disposal site converge at the time and place a driver arrives at the gate, OnPing Automated SWD Tickets takes all of this in to account to provide an excellent complete solution. A ticket needs to be created to account for the deposited materials, a lane must be selected for the driver to empty their tank, and a pump must be started to complete the transfer. OnPing has joined forces with ScoutFDC to create an easy to use, easy to service solution for exactly this set of unique requirements.The driver arrives to a simple kiosk where all essential information is entered. They report their driver info, payload amount, and select a lane. Our proprietary Lumberjack Edge Computer handles everything behind the scenes. The ticket info is sent by the Lumberjack on to Scout’s powerful set of ticketing and data analytics software. While OnPing informs the Kiosk of pump and lane status while also performing controlled starts and stops of pumps and other on-site hardware, all while keeping meticulous up to the minute records of numerous data points. Automated SWD Tickets bring together the advanced industrial communications technology of OnPing, the operational management organization of Scout FDC and the time tested, knowledgeable system design skills of Plow Automation together to produce an automated SWD system second to none.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Secure sign-in for pre-authorized customers
  • Efficient management of lanes and pumps
  • Fully paperless ticketing with historical archiving
  • Requires no on-site operator
  • 24 hour technical support