Advanced Plunger Lift Control with Tri Lift and OnPing

Tri Lift and OnPing are happy to offer an advanced plunger lift control application, controllable and viewable from any device via OnPing. This allows a user to see what is happening on 1 or many tri-lift plungers that they may have. We have worked together with Tri-lift to make the installation of these devices as simple as any we have seen! This new Plunger Lift System is now live on several sites and we’re getting great results from it.

These systems are available in 3 packages with pricing that correlates. The Packages are:

Timer Control

This package presents a remotely configurable traditional timer based plunger controller with all times and pressures visible in OnPing. This package includes the following data points:

  • Longest Plunger Travel Time
  • Shorted Plunger Travel Time
  • Average Plunger Travel Time
  • Battery Voltage
  • Tubing Pressure PSI
  • Casing Pressure PSI
  • Casing Pressure at Last Open PSI
  • Tubing Pressure at Last Open PSI
  • Clear Arrival History
  • Clear All History
  • Time Remaining
  • Current Cycle Plunger Travel
  • Control Valve Open Time (Set Point)
  • Control Valve Shut Time (Set Point)
  • After Flow Time Seconds (Set Point)
  • Recovery Time Seconds After Non Arrival (Set Point)
  • Total Control Valve Open Time
  • Total Control Valve Shut Time
  • Longest Shut Time
  • Shortest Shut Time

Pressure Control

With this package the same data points from the Timer Controller are included but setpoints for well pressures may also be set for optimizing the plunger actions. This package adds the following data points:

  • Tubing Pressure On PSI (Setpoint)
  • Casing Pressure On PSI (Setpoint)
  • Fall Time Seconds (Setpoint)

Auto Adjust Control

This package includes all the data points from the previous packages but also takes Plunger tuning much further by enabling fine adjustment and auto optimization controllable from OnPing. This package includes the following data points:

  • Differential Pressure PSI
  • Differential Pressure On PSI (Setpoint)
  • Casing Pressure Kill PSI (Setpoint)
  • Tubing Pressure High Kill PSI (Setpoint)
  • Tubing Pressure Low Kill PSI (Setpoint)
  • Max Limit For Pressure Adjustment PSI (Setpoint)
  • Min Limit For Pressure Adjustment PSI (Setpoint)
  • Pressure Adjustment Value PSI (Setpoint)
  • Maximum Plunger Fail Limit (Setpoint)
  • High Low Pressure Kill Delay Time (Setpoint)
  • Max After Flow Adjust Time (Setpoint)
  • Min After Flow Adjust Time (Setpoint)
  • After Flow Adjustment Time Value (Setpoint)
  • Max Shut Time Adjustment (Setpoint)
  • Min Shut Time Adjustment (Setpoint)
  • Shut Time Adjust Time (Setpoint)
  • Plunger Target Arrival Time (Setpoint)
Tri Lift Plunger Optimization HMI