2 Months of OnPing in 1 Minute!

A lot happens in OnPing, fast! Let’s take a look.

On-Change Polling

On-change polling has arrived in OnPing! Not all data streams are equal. OnPing now looks at tags more independently. This shift in perspective will have some functional implications, such as the new ‘Add Value Line‘ feature available in both Line Graph and Data Analysis.

On-change will simplify the way data works here, and it will also help OnPing develop a better, more responsive relationship with customers. Information about how On-change polling directly impacts you will be available in the next newsletter.


Documentation is undergoing a rework. New documents have already been written for several features. Some big ones are:

Also, subscribe to the OnPing YouTube channel and enable notifications to keep up-to-date with our video walkthroughs of OnPing features – directly from the product development team! Walkthroughs are on core features in the platform, such as:

We believe documentation is important for our Users and Integration partners! Upcoming changes to the Support Docs page in OnPing will be announced on the front page, as well as our next Newsletter in October.

Feature Improvements and Changes

  • Add Value Line is available in Line Graph and Data Analysis
  • ‘Remove Decimal Places’ is available in the Thermometer HMI components
  • HMI now supports Git Integrations like GitBacked Images

Contacts Us

If you have any questions about recent OnPing changes or need assistance with a new feature, contact your OnPing representative or email us at info@onping.net.