Announcement: LAS is Here

LAS is Available for all Lumberjack Devices

The Lumberjack Application System (LAS) is a new feature being shipped on all new devices and currently rolling out to existing devices. There will be a lot of information coming out about LAS in the near future – so stay tuned – but we can cover some basics here!

  • Lumberjack Visibility
  • 1 Step Modifications
  • Two-way Synchronization
  • Editable Lumberjack Names
  • Package Searching


LAS is a full revamp on what Visibility means in OnPing. The application system lets you see every active application on a device, and every application the device is eligible for – including application updates. Whatever you need to know about a device, find the answer with LAS. 

1 Step Modifications

Installing a new app on a Lumberjack or updating an existing one with LAS is now a 1 click process: Simply scroll to the Apps page, find the app you want, and click install. Done. 

Two-way Synchronization

With LAS, Lumberjacks can be updated directly from the device or through OnPing. OnPing’s new 2-way Syncing feature automatically updates the list of active apps, recommended updates, and available applications whenever the Lumberjack is brought back online. 

A big change 2-way enables is the ability to make updates to devices from the Cloud! Log in to OnPing to upgrade your software packages with the click of a button. 2 WAY

Editable Lumberjack Names

A long-time user request, Lumberjacks identities are editable – and browsable in the OnPing search bar! Navigate to the Identity page for a specified Lumberjack and give it a new name. This is a big quality of life improvement for users and developers alike. Users can create Labels that represent what a device does rather than looking for complicated strings of numbers. 

LAS is creating big changes elsewhere in the platform, too. Check out this article on Internet Source Labeling to see another feature receiving editable names!

Package Searching

We mentioned custom names for Lumberjacks are searchable – so are packages! Use the search bar to find new packages that can be updated or features you aren’t utilizing yet. 


LAS is going to create some fundamental changes to how OnPing works. This next month is going to have a lot of LAS related content coming out, so keep an eye out for updates. We are excited to move into a new phase of the OnPing experience with LAS. Contact us at for any questions regarding new or existing features and how they interact with LAS!