Adding a Parameter as an Input Source

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Input Parameter #

The input parameter panel allows you to add parameters as a source for your script’s input. 


Once a parameter is added, you can reference it by using the assigned variable name. In our example above, to refer to parameter “Comm Status” at location “JTK”, you can use the variable name “input1“.

The variable name follows the following naming convention, “inputX” where “X” is the index of the parameter in the input parameters list.

Advanced input assignment

Besides using “inputX” as the variable name, you can use “input” function to create a variable name. This allows you to customize the time.

The “input” function takes two arguments – index of the parameter and time.

When you write “input1“, the script is interpreted as if you’re writing “input1 := input(1, now)” where “now” is a special variable to represent time. This gets the value of the parameter at the current time.

There are other special variables that can represent time. Please see syntax documentation for details.

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