Alarm Acknowledgment

Acknowledge an Alarm #

OnPing allows you to acknowledge an alarm from the OnPing website by clicking on a button.

What is the ‘Alarm Status’? #

Each alarm will display one of the five following states.

  • Clear
  • Clearing
  • Tripped
  • Tripping
  • Acknowledged

When is the acknowledge button visible? #

You can always see the state, but the acknowledge button is visible:

  • For members of the Alarm’s ‘Call Order’
  • For User’s on the Alarm’s ‘Schedule’
  • When an alarm status is ‘Tripped’ or ‘Clear’

What Happens After Acknowledging an Alarm? #

Acknowledging an Alarm does 3 things:

  1. Alarm ‘Status’ is marked as acknowledged
  2. An ‘Alarm Log’ entry is created
    • The person who clicked the button will be noted in the log entry (even if someone else is on call at the time).
  3. The on-call person for the Alarm is reset (see next section for details)

Who is ‘On Call’ After Acknowledging an Alarm? #

After someone clicks the acknowledge button, the person on call for that alarm is reset. ‘On Call’ responsibility defaults to the User acknowleding an Alarm, but this can vary by case.

The basic rules are as follows:

  • If the person who clicked the alarm acknowledgment button has ‘Call’ notifications enabled, then that person is now on call for that alarm.
  • Else, the first person on the ‘Call Order’ who has ‘Call’ notifications enabled will be the new person on call.

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