Adding a Tank Component to an HMI

Adding a tank component to an HMI is an easy way to see your water and oil tank levels consistently in a time-efficient manner.

  1. After adding an HMI to the dashboard (seen in the Creating an HMI tutorial), you can edit it to add desired components. You do not need to be in edit mode to do this, just click on the green arrow in the upper left corner of the HMI box.
  2. To add a tank component, click on the “Tank” icon. This will bring up the preview box where you can label the title and assign parameters.
  3. Enter in the title of the tank, capacity, unit, and legend type. You can also adjust the height and width to change the tank size. Click “Add Parameter” to assign a color and parameter for the tank.

Note: If you cannot see these choices, you may scroll down.

  1. If a tank line is desired, you can click “Add Line” to assign the description, color, and parameter. Tank lines are helpful to show specific levels such as high setpoints.
  2. Click “Add Parameter” and select your company, site, and location. Once this information loads, scroll down and select your tank. You can also search for your tank from the list by using the search bar. Once you have selected your tank, click “Confirm Selections”.
  3.  Once the tank component appears on the HMI screen, you can click on the component and use the direction arrows to rearrange the screen. You can also change the color of the tank level to your desired choice.
  4.  Click “Save” to save your changes. Make sure you scroll all the way down and click this or your changes will not be saved! A green banner will appear confirming your changes have been saved. 

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