Call Order Creation

Call orders are used to assign people to alarms. Having multiple call orders allows specific people to be assigned to different locations. Before creating a new call order, make sure everyone has been added to the company user list. For instructions, follow the “Creating a new user” tutorial.

Creating a new call order GIF

1) Once all new users have been added, (as shown in the tutorial Creating a New User) click on the ribbon icon and then alarms. On this new screen, click Call Order on the left.

2) Click on the “+ call order” icon found in the top left corner.

3) Name the call order and assign the group and permissions associated.

4) Search for the call order recently created, then search for the user associated. Click on the green + to add them to the call order.

5) Use the arrows next to the user’s name to rearrange the order of who will receive the alarm call first and how many times the alarm needs to call before going to the next person.

6) Make sure the users are added to the calendar or the alarms will not call. To do this, search for the user name on the calendar screen.

7) Click on their name and drag it to the appropriate days and time, then click “save changes.” Refresh the page and make sure changes were saved. Please note, up to this step, everything else has been saved automatically, you will only need to click Save if you make a change on the calendar.

More information about changing the calendar can be found in the tutorial Editing A Call Order.

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