Importing a Custom Table

Importing custom tables are efficient if there are multiple parameters needed, such as adding multiple setpoints to one table. Libre Office or Excel is required to import custom tables. 

1) Once you have created a custom table widget on the location dashboard, open Libre Office and label the first row as below. Enter the PIDs in both columns that you want to show on the table. The first row will be for the name and the second will be the value.

Filled Out Spreadsheet

2) Save the document and click “use excel 2007-2019 format.”

Spreadsheet with Use Excel Format Option

3) On the location dashboard. Click “save” before uploading the document. Then browse the file and upload it to OnPing.

File Selected in OnPing Table

4) Click “Extra Info” in the first column and select the name, location, etc. that you want the description to read. Then click “Save” and “Update Dashboard” to fully save the table.

Successful Table Import

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