Custom Table: Links

Adding links to a Custom Table in OnPing can enable quick access to external or internal pages and information. This guide will show you how to create Links in a Custom Table. Custom Tables are a versatile tool in OnPing and the ability to add links to other resources makes navigating through OnPing or connecting to other tools easy.

Prerequisites: #

This feature is available to all users with very little prior setup. The only prerequisites for creating links are:

Getting Started #

  • Create a Custom Table
    • Save your Dashboard to avoid deleting the newly added widget later
  • Open the editing menu for the new Custom Table
    • Click the wrench in the menu on the top right side of the widget. The editing menu for OnPing widgets may look something like this:


  • Opening the general widget editing menu should show us a few new options. We want to make changes to the information inside the table, so need to look for something that indicates that option.
    • Select ‘Edit Table Contents’ from the new menu
  • In the this editing view, you should see a primitive looking table and some new options in the widget menu. Go ahead and Add a Row to create a place for our Link.
  • After adding the row, you should see a place to add a Parameter. The table will look something like this:
  • Click the ‘Text’ button in the middle of the table to open a blank text box. This is where we will create our new link.
  • In the text box, enter the ‘Label’ for the link and the destination address. For our example, we’ll create a link to the home page. The name of the link and address need to be input in the following format:
    • [OnPing](
  • Once the Link is added, use the ‘Save Custom Table’ button to keep the new changes.
  • When you are finished creating Links, return to the editing options to see the final result!

Using Links #

What can be linked to?

Links are a very helpful tool for organizing your OnPing environment. A few examples of places you can link to include:

  • Internal Dashboards
  • Panels
  • Important OnPing Information (Link to Important Documentation or Guides like this one!)
  • External Websites
  • Frequently Used Pages
  • Training Material

Summary #

One of the most used, and most requested, pre-built pages in OnPing is the ‘Shortcut Links to Add Location’ page:

This page helps users and the OnPing team find and access important tools used for building out dashboards. It was created using the Custom Table widget as described in this guide. This feature can be used in a variety of creative and useful ways – Links being one of them!

If you found this guide to be helpful, feel free to create a link to it and other helpful documentation in the OnPing support page for future review.

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