Adding a Widget and Content to a Panel

A widget is a resizable window that goes on a panel, and panels go on a dashboard. Once we create a widget, we will also add content to the widget, in this case, we will add an HMI and a component. This process is the same for charts, applications, etc.

In order to follow this walkthrough, you need to be able to log in to OnPing and have already added a panel to your dashboard.

1) Log in to OnPing, click edit dashboard on the upper right.

2) Now, in edit mode, click the panel we created in the Adding a Panel tutorial.

3) Click “Edit Dashboard”, then “+ Widget”. Then scroll down until you see the widget name you need.

 4) Clicking “Add” next to the widget will add the widget to the panel. You can name the widget or keep it blank in the top left.

5) Now you have a widget, but no content in it. Think of a widget as a container within your dashboard. Until it has content in it, it is empty. To get started adding content, click the wrench.

6) For this tutorial we will be adding a tank component, but there are a lot of options to choose from. Click the green arrow in the top left of the HMI, then click on the “Tank”.g

7) Make all necessary changes such as adding a title, changing the tank capacity, adding parameters, etc.

8) When the tank is visible and looks correct, click “Save” in the bottom right.

9) Finalize this process by clicking “Save”, you should then see confirmation that the panel and widget have been saved.

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