Spot Report Custom Formatting: Templates

Spot report templates are spreadsheets that can be filled out with data from a custom table. Each custom table can have at most one template which is used for all excel spot reports and XLSX and CSV endpoint reports.

1) The template file is the spreadsheet where the data will go. Make sure the template file is saved as an excel .xlsx file. Take note of the name of the sheets you wish to enter data into.

2) Choose an existing spot report to edit, or press the wrench to edit the page and then press “Spot Report” below the table. Make sure all of the options for the spot report are filled in correctly.

3) To create an endpoint report, click “Create Endpoint Report” and fill in the rest of the fields. If “CSV” is selected for the report type, then the template will be converted to a CSV once it is filled in. Only one sheet in the template will be turned into a CSV, so you should use only one page templates for CSV reports.

4) Press “Custom Formatting” and upload your template spreadsheet under “Import/Export Template File.”

5) Your template won’t be used unless there is also a config file uploaded. Click here to read about the config file.

6) To verify your template is being filled out correctly, click “Test Report.” It might take some time for your report to be generated. When it is done, you will be prompted to open or download the file.

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