Call Order Editing

Editing the call order is efficient if you need to add or replace a user, change the alarm call order, or change the frequency of times the alarm calls. Always make sure any users you add are also added to the calendar.


1) Once all new users have been added (as seen in the Creating a New Call Order tutorial), click the ribbon icon and then alarms. Click on the call order icon. This will take you to the call order widget.

2) Search the call order name, remove anyone assigned that no longer needs alarm calls, and add the newly assigned users. Change the order of who needs to receive the calls first, and the frequency they are called.

All of these actions will automatically save as you perform them. 

3) Make sure the users are added to the calendar or the alarms will not call. To do this, click on the calendar icon and search for the user name on the calendar screen.

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